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Basic Collection Information and Status
Atriplex (Atriplex hortensis, Amaranthaceae)
Cultural Affiliation   n/a
Collection Site   New Mexico, United States (latitude: 36°; altitude: 8,000 ft / 2,400 m)
Collection Year   1997
Accession Status   Active
Catalog Information and Instructions
Vadito Quelites GrandesGR020
A "mountain spinach" collected along the roadside in the village of Vadito, NM at 7500'. Likely escaped from local gardens. Tasty, nutritious and easy to grow.
Current availability of this variety is summarized below. We encourage the use of these seeds to benefit humanity and strive to facilitate access through a number of channels.
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                Academic Researchers
 ? If you are an academic researcher with an interest in this accession, please get in touch with us. We encourage use of the seeds for appropriate research applications and are committed to protecting the rights of the people and cultures who developed and maintained this diversity and to its continued availability.
Collection Site
The circle in the map below shows the area where this accession was collected (why isn't the precise locality shown
?Precise collection localities are hidden in order to protect the privacy of the original donors of the seeds in the NS/S collection.
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The graphs below summarize aspects of the climate for this accession's collection site. You have not specified a reference site, but you may specify one and rerun your search.
The Native Seeds/SEARCH digital photo collection for this accession is provided below.
II01-004 CC'20 P3II01-004 CC'20 P4II01-004 CC'20 P5II01-004 CC'20 P6II01-004 CC'20 P7II01-004 CC'20 S2II01-004 CC '20 P8II01-004 CC '20 S1II01-004 CC'20 P1II01-004 CC'20 P2II01-004 CF05 FrII01_004 bb9700BII01-004 CF05 P1II01-004 CF05 P2
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Characterization and Evaluation
There are currently no observational data available for this accession. If you have made observations of this accession and are willing to share them, please contact us.
Atriplex IntroductionCultivation InstructionsSeed Saving Instructions
Orach, aka mountain spinach, is not a true spinach but is used in the same way. It is tolerant of poor and alkaline soils; leaves can have a naturally salty flavor.Plant 1/4 to 1/2" deep and 4-6" apart, thin to 12-16" apart for maximum growth. In low desert, plant in late fall through winter; plant in early spring in more moderate climates. Requires cool temperatures to germinate.The tiny flowers are wind pollinated; do not grow different varieties of the same species if saving seed. Allow seed to mature and dry before harvesting. Place dried seed heads in a paper or cloth sack, strip off seeds, and winnow out chaff.
If you have questions or feedback about this accession or the ADAPTS platform in general, please contact us.

Collection  |  Availability  |  Map  |  Climate  |  Photographs  |  Observations  |  Cultivation & Seed Saving  |  Feedback
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