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Basic Collection Information and Status
Squash (Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbitaceae)
Cultural Affiliation   n/a
Collection Site   NM, United States (latitude: 36°; altitude: 24,600 ft / 7,500 m)
Collection Year   1997
Accession Status   Active
Catalog Information and Instructions
This accession does not have a catalog designation. If you would like to obtain seeds of this accession, please get in touch with us.
Collection Site
The circle in the map below shows the area where this accession was collected (why isn't the precise locality shown
?Precise collection localities are hidden in order to protect the privacy of the original donors of the seeds in the NS/S collection.
). You have not specified a reference site, but you may specify one and rerun your search.
Climate information is not available for this accession.
The Native Seeds/SEARCH digital photo collection for this accession is provided below.
E04-044 bb97004 S1E04-044 bb97004 S2E04-044 CF09 Fl1E04-044 CF09 Fl2E04-044 CF09 LE04-044 Fr
image hosting provided by Flickr  —  all photos © Native Seeds/SEARCH  —  please contact us for permission to use

Characterization and Evaluation
The table below lists observations of this accession's characteristics (why are characters sometimes listed more than once
?For some accessions, observations of a particular trait have been recorded over more than one season or location; these are indicated by the different values in the Lot column.
CharacterObservationLot, Frequency and CommentsCharacter Description (Source and Code)
days to first flower18lot: CF' 09
habitProstratelot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 4.1.1: 7)
leaf hairsIntermediatelot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.11/6.1.12: 5)
leaf lobesAbsentlot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.10: 0)
leaf marginSmoothlot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.9: 1)
leaf shapeReniformlot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.6: 3)
leaf spotsAbsentlot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.8: 0)
noteOne small plant, killed by squash bugslot: CF' 09
tendrilsPresentlot: CF' 09 (Bioversity 6.1.5: *)
Cultivation and seed saving instructions are not available for this accession.
If you have questions or feedback about this accession or the ADAPTS platform in general, please contact us.

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