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Basic Collection Information and Status
Chiltepin (Capsicum annuum glabriusculum, Solanaceae)
Cultural Affiliation   Indios Hidalgensis
Collection Site   Hidalgo, Mexico (latitude: 21°; altitude: 1,500 ft / 500 m)
Collection Year   1992
Accession Status   Active
Catalog Information and Instructions
Hidalgo ChiltepinDC005
Hails from Hidalgo in east-central Mexico. Grows as a perennial shrub (up to 9' tall). The long, narrow fruits are are typically bright red at maturity, and about half an inch long.
Current availability of this variety is summarized below. We encourage the use of these seeds to benefit humanity and strive to facilitate access through a number of channels.
        Seeds of this variety are not currently available for distribution. If you are interested in this accession for research, seed increase, or repatriation purposes, please contact us.
Collection Site
The circle in the map below shows the area where this accession was collected (why isn't the precise locality shown
?Precise collection localities are hidden in order to protect the privacy of the original donors of the seeds in the NS/S collection.
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The Native Seeds/SEARCH digital photo collection for this accession is provided below.
D01-027 CF07 Fl, L1D01-027 CF07 Fr3D01-027 CF07 Pl2D01-027 CF11 Fr1D01-027 CF11 P1D01-027 CF11
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Characterization and Evaluation
There are currently no observational data available for this accession. If you have made observations of this accession and are willing to share them, please contact us.
Chiltepin IntroductionCultivation InstructionsSeed Saving Instructions
The wild relative of most cultivated chiles. Native to North America, chiltepines are attractive perennial landscape plants for shady to filtered light areas in the low desert. They will freeze back in the winter. The pea-sized fruits are very hot.Start seeds inside, 1/4" deep in sandy soil, 8-10 weeks before last frost. Seeds are slow to germinate and need warmth. Transplant seedlings 12-16" apart. Partial shade is best in the low desert, full sun in cooler climates.Protect mature fruit from birds. The insect-visited flowers can self-pollinate or cross. Grow only one variety at a time, or isolate flowers. Allow fruit to ripen and mature on the plant. For best seed results, fruit should be almost dry.
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